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If you feel this site has been of value to you, then please consider making a donation in order to help towards its upkeep.

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I've always tried to keep the website ad-free but the time has now come where the cost of maintaining the site is now becoming far too expensive for me to fund alone. The site was living "on borrowed time" and I was frequently looking for new hosting services to cope with the large amount of traffic that this site now generates.

You can help in several ways:

  • Make a secure donation.
  • Use the site shop. - is an Amazon affiliate who pay a small % of your purchase towards site costs.

Over the past year the site has become very busy and generates well in excess of a million hits per week and receives 1000's of individual visitors every day.

This site is totally run as a non-profit making venture and for several years I have funded the upkeep and any expenses out of my own pocket. Unfortunately decent web hosting doesn't come cheap for such a busy site and therefore any assistance you can give to help maintain its upkeep would be greatly appreciated.

Update - Mar 07 Site now moved to new hosts.
Update - Feb 08. Site traffic continues to grow and has more than doubled over the past year, after discussions with my web hosts the site moved to a new Quad Xeon Server with better processing power.
Update - Mar 09. Site traffic still growing and now hosted on a different package on an 8-core Xeon Intel Server.
Update - Nov 09. After discussion with my hosts after a sporadic burst in traffic, site moved to a brand new 4x Core i7 Server. We are now on one of the fastest servers available (16 core). Thanks to Vidahost for offering to do this at no additional cost.
Update - Sep 2012. Moved to new multi-server platform with better redundancy.
Update - Oct 2013. The multi-server platform wasnt really working out as expected. Despite 'redundancy' there were limitations of a cloud/multi-server platform that impacts a busy site and caused many limitations as to how we could run the site.   Bit the bullet and moved to our own server.
Update - Oct 2014. Despite additional expense our own UK server was the way to go with sufficient capacity to be able to sustain the amount of traffic the site receives.  The server is fast and we are not affected by anyone elses traffic and its been good that there have been no slow downs and we have full 24/7 support to keep on top of security upgrades etc.  We totally rely on minimal advertising and donations all of which go towards the server costs.
Update 2016.  I will be renewing the same server with my hosts.  Managed UK hosting was the way to go, it relieves a lot of the stress for me ensuring security patches etc are kept up to date. Our own server ensures that we are not impacted by anyone else and I am pleased with the performance. Big thanks to those that have contributed this year - every single donation received has directly gone towards hosting costs.

Thank you to all those that have helped contribute towards the ongoing running costs so far.

donations I would like to thank the following people, whose kind donations have helped contribute towards the site running costs The list below is all those who have made a donation towards since it began in 2003.

~ Leslie Goldberg ~ Dave Stephens ~ R Reed
~ G Amor ~ Amanda & Antony ~ Chris P Duck
~ John Young ~ M Clayton ~ L Gripper
~ M Barton ~ G Murray ~ A Barnes
~ M Jeffrey ~ D Crouch ~ N McDonald
~ R Williams ~ B Shearer ~ N Whitaker
~ Tony Appleby ~ J Jeffery ~ A MacRae
~ Phil Whitby ~ Chris Davies ~ David Court
~ G Thomas ~ B Needham ~ Ralph Davies
~ W Willcox ~ Kapt69 ~ N McCallum
~ K Alexander ~ C Salter ~ K Apthomas
~ P Tinker ~ C Ward ~ A Stefanidis
~ P How ~ A Stewart ~ D Brown
~ C Pells ~ W Phillips ~ OmegaPhil
~ J Fisher ~ A Pringle ~ C Ward
~ P Groves ~ B Edwards ~ P Nixon
~ P Marsh ~ MR Millican ~ M Murphy
~ J Ward ~ A Bartlett ~ C Mairs
~ C Timson ~ J Eden ~ A Clark
~ P Culverwell ~ D Cain ~ E Figueroa
~ R Macrae ~ C McPhee ~ R Wilson
~ B Stedman ~ P Mason ~ J Carling
~ N Margottin ~ C Gosman ~ R Manser
~ J R Davies ~ JustAnother ~ M Bowen
~ C Payne ~ D McDonnell ~ S Johnston
~ K Manuel ~ J Tuke ~ A Howell
~ A Keyworth ~ K Rolfe ~ S Mossom
~ R Cheer ~ P West ~ M Trundle
~ J Jasper ~ D Bedder ~ J Hood
~ T Lowe ~ S Stephenson ~ K Halcoop
~ K Wallis ~ K Miles ~ M Young
~ K Bebb ~ S Hewitt ~ M Davies
~ Webconverger ~ G Etchells ~ C Collins
~ K Allen ~ P Baldwin ~ J Singh
~ A Wontroba ~ D Embrey ~ Y Ziya
~ M Harvey ~ R Crorie ~ J Mansfield
~ A Snaddon ~ P Hancock ~ Andy Tate
~ M Miller ~ Highpriest ~ T Bailey
~ D Payne    
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