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About info is one of the UK's largest DSL broadband resource & information sites.

This site contains a wealth of information such as how ADSL & VDSL (fibre) broadband works.
There's tips on choosing an ISP, help comparing ISP prices and ISP performance.

A large section of the site is devoted to self help diagnostics and what to do if you run into problems with your broadband connection, such as how to get dsl line stats from your router to understanding how such things as SNR and attenuation can affect your connection. There's also a vast array of tutorials and FAQs about broadband.

It is independently run and a not for profit site.  Unlike some broadband sites, we do not focus only on ISPs which pay commission. Although the site is well known and respected within the ISP industry, our position means that we are free to tell you 'as it is' and allows us to carry information on far more ISPs than most other broadband comparison sites.

If you have a broadband problem and need some help - or just want to say hello - our community forum is frequented by many knowledgeable people, who may be able to assist you. We are a family friendly oriented site so please feel free to join us.

The site is continually expanding, with new pages being added or amended. New pages are normally announced on the Forum.

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xx Forum mail problem for those using Microsoft email addresses

October 07, 2017, 10:39:09 AM by kitz
A heads up that email notifications to any of the following domains are being bounced

This is affecting the registration confirmation for new forum members and notifications for subscribed topics & personal messages.
I'm not quite sure why as it doesn't appear to be specific to my server.  All the usual blacklist checks on both the domain name and server IP are clean. 

I've contacted my hosts who advised me that they think its Microsoft's 'Smart Filter' being over-zealous as they've had hundreds of others seeing the same issue and quote "I doubt its only with us". They are awaiting a response from Microsoft in an attempt to sort this.

In the meantime I'm manually activating new registrations for those accounts which appear to be genuine with known UK ISP IP addresses, but it does mean those using an etc email address won't receive the automated welcome email.

*** Update.  Issue resolved 08-10-17.  Mail now being delivered. ***
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xx CCleaner infected with backdoor trojan

September 26, 2017, 09:19:51 AM by kitz
CCleaner recently infected millions of PC's with a backdoor trojan after hackers injected malicious code into the most recent software update on Piriform's server.

The attack appears to be two staged - although  in excess of 2 million users had installed the latest version, the trojan then scanned the PC to see if it was on a list of certain domains at which time it would launch its 2nd payload. Whilst the hackers were specifically attempting to target computers belonging to a list of high-profile technology companies and managed to launch stage 2 on at least 20 targeted machines.   

This attack is very well thought out and it is quite worrying though for several reasons:
  • There are (or were) at least 2 million PCs out there with an infected copy of CCleaner installed with the backdoor trojan
  • It shows that hackers are always looking for new ways to infect PCs by targeting genuine software servers.  It is believed this is an unprecedented number of downloads for a supply chain type attack.
  • Stage One of the trojan has remained dormant on a few million computers and sat there undetected for several weeks.
  • The attack could easily been much larger - imagine if they had targeted users on specific ISPs (such as BT) rather than a handful of high profile IT firms.
  • Despite this being known about since Sept 12th, there has been very little mention of it.
  • It's only within the past few days that AV programs have started to detect and identify the Virus signature.

Numbers of infected copies installed does seem to vary ranging from in "excess of 2 million" to "many millions" based on the fact that the modified version was available between Aug 15 - Sept 12, where downloads are 5 million per week.

More info - Arstechnica
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xx Server Downtime - Fri 29/09/17 23:00 - Sat 30/09/17 06:00

September 26, 2017, 09:12:47 AM by kitz
The site will be down during the following period whilst the server is being migrated to a new location.

Friday 29th September 2017 23:00 - Saturday 30th September 2017 06:00
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xx Equifax Data Breach

September 09, 2017, 04:28:01 PM by kitz
Considering there are ~49 million adults in the UK this surely has to be largest leak of personal data affecting British citizens.

Equifax stores the personal details of 44 million UK citizens.  Information stolen includes names, addresses, DoB, & social security numbers.   Other data stolen includes some drivers license details and credit card numbers. Many UK citizens will not realise their personal information has been stolen.  Customers of many UK companies such as BT, British Gas & Capital One are thought to be amongst those who are affected.

Equifax discovered the breach of data which is thought to have occurred during the period mid May - July 2017 on July 29th, but have only this week disclosed details of the cyber attack to the public.  The breach also affects ~143 million US customers.

More info - The Telegraph
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xx Openreach MCT modem list - updated.

July 25, 2017, 08:08:06 PM by kitz
I've updated the list of modems on the Openreach Modem Conformance Testing page.
New additions to the list are a few Cisco and Kenton Comtrend modem/routers.

Modem Conformance Testing (MCT) is a series of tests carried out by BT to ensure that modem/routers are compatible with BT Openreach's FTTC cabinets and conform to VDSL2 mandatory requirements for transceivers as specified in ITU G.993.2.
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