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Once you have your new connection up and running you may wish to give it a work out and see how it's performing.

Below is a list of available speed test servers to check your broadband throughput speed. Recommended testers are marked*
Be aware that foreign testers will not be as accurate due to distance. Therefore if you are based in the UK select a speedtester with a UK based server.

Remote Tests
TBB Speedtest* From ThinkBroadband. - Requires JavaRE   (UK)*           [S1   S2]
BBMax* Bandwidth Speed Test from Namesco and NDO   (UK) ** Dashboard style speed test - choose the UK Server.*
TBB Test Files* HTTP Test files available for download   (UK)*
Visualware* MySpeed - Detailed speed test analysis (UK Server)*
MySpeed Speedtest and Voip jitter test from Visualware (Worldwide Servers)
SpeedOf.Me Speedtester that doesn't require Java or Flash
Mybroadbandspeed Beta speed test from Plusnet. (UK)
Broadband Speedtest Speedtester from Broadband Speed Test (UK)
Bandwidth Place From the Bandwidth Place (USA)
AuditmyPC Speedtest audit (USA)
DSLReports From Broadband Reports (USA) Speed tester (USA)
BT Wholesale Speedtest

BTw offer a Speed test that will bypass your ISP and test your line direct with BT's servers.
Instructions on how to perform a BTw speed test has been moved to its own page:
- BT Performance Test.

Application Specific Tests:
ThinkBroadband *
HTTP - Various size download files available for testing
FTP - downloads Select an iso to download eg edubuntu-6.06.1-install-amd64.iso FTP - Alternative site free ftp site (french) with available UK downloads. FTP - Mozilla FTP website
Giganews Binary Newsgroup Access Speedtest
Glasnost Test to check for traffic shaping
Speed Tests run from a local machine:


DownLoad Meter

We also highly recommend NetMeter which can be installed on a local machine and used to monitor both bandwidth used and real time data throughput.

NetMeter can be downloaded from here

It can be an extremely useful tool to help diagnosing speed problems if used with a test file from Thinkbroadband

Once installed we recommend changing the settings to kbps/Mbps
Options > General > Display Units > kbps (not the default kB/Sec)

NetMeter as a speedtest


JDs Auto Speedtester

Runs automated speedtests at defined intervals

  • Test download speed from a list of supplied default servers
  • Test upload speed to dedicated testing servers
  • Test Ping, Pkloss & Jitter to/from any applicable URL

Download from JDs Auto Speedtester

JDs Auto Speedtester


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